About me

My name is Alexander Brenk.
Working as a Customer Experience and Brand Manager and previously at the BMW HQ Experiential Department, I have gained valuable professional experiences through-out numerous successfully realized projects in a wide range of industries and subject areas, which have further sharpened my profile and my clear customer focus. Through my bachelor‘s degree in Visual Communication (B.A.) and my master‘s degree in Brand Management (M.A.), I have learned to combine my creative skills with economic knowledge and to apply them strategically.

Throughout my professional journey, the customer was always in the center of my thoughts and actions. Through my profound and holistic examination with the customer brand relationship during previous projects, I additionally gained a deep understanding of the cultural relevance. A vision and a strategy are only as efficient as the culture they are accepted and therefor can grow in. Theoretical approaches can be copied, whereas the actual understanding and the ability to apply this knowledge, will make a real difference.

I combined this knowledge with my personal interest and fascination for intercultural and -human interactions and created a holistic picture of the customer. I then translated this picture into the B2I (Business to Identity) approach. B2I (read more)

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